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Dadu Game Of Sic Bo Or Dice Poker

6 Ways Casinos Stop Dice Cheats - Blog

The Dadu game is also known as the Sic Bo which is the traditional Chinese game and earlier played with the 3 dices. In western countries, this game was termed as the Birdcage, Chuck-a-luck, or grand hazard. There are some slight differences in the payouts or wagers in different casinos, countries, or regions. The thing which is common amongst all the players is that they can wager on varied combinations of 3 dices. The players wage on these combinations of 3 dice that churned in a glass crucible called the Chuck cage. These games are exciting and quick. 


Importance of live casino games

You should realize that live club have turned as the indivisible piece of web-based betting like malaysia casino. Individuals around simply love it as everybody can play all their preferred games and can mingle well with the delightful live sellers that host live tables. The experience of betting that all players have at these live club even relies upon various components like the game choice, client assistance, programming supplier, fitness, and that’s just the beginning. Such a bona fide club can even here and there bother the players because of long holding up before firing up of the new meeting of ongoing interaction.

The popularity of the dice game is due to different reasons as, players like them simply for great gambling, and either some don’t know true odds, or they are discouraged by the complexity of king dice games called Craps. However, there is one more dadu online game called as the Dice poker. It is a simple and easy game with a quick drive to the events. These games are inspired well by the popular card versions of Poker. The dice poker gets played with the 5 dices and has a different number of figures. The basic objective of the game is rolling the highest number of combination possibilities.  

Casino Table Games - Luxor Hotel & Casino

Rules of the dadu poker

The number of players in this game is not limited to any number. All players wager the same amount of the money, the highest in the poker combination or hand can take them all. The first player is asked for rolling the 5 dice. If a player likes hand, then she or he decides for keeping one roll only. Further, other players attempt. All these things happen in a situation when the player thinks it as difficult for other players to overcome their dice poker combinations. Generally, several rolls are set by the first player.


The first players are asked for keeping specific hands if she or he feels satisfied. After the player finishes his or her round, then they hand over the dice to the next player. Variations with the two rounds are usual. However, players can even agree on the third roll. If two or more numbers of the players have an equal combination, then the winner is determined by the next roll with the 5 dices. The hand rankings come from card versions of the poker. Start playing the best game today and enjoy the dice game fully.


Building your performance at Poker


Maintaining your energy levels are at the core of your poker performance. Ten years ago, gamers never spoke of a healthy diet and lifestyle; it was more for the athletes and never for the gambler. And for a decade, gamers always savoured on junk foods, playing on exhaustion, partying hard before a tournament, and indulging in alcohol. Tables have turned.

You do not find those practices among the professionals. Players around the world have been striving for that cutting edge in performance. They have come to recognise the pivotal role of maintaining your cool and energy for the game. And for the same, healthy food has always been at the centre.

Changing your diet to maximise Poker performance

There’s no magic pill that solves all your problems. Years of research in the field shows that consistency is the key to any healthy habit in the long run. In maintaining your food habits, it is always easy to have control over your weight for the short term, but the long-term goal is always a challenge.

Poker performance

Understand Food Balance

Extreme changes in diet never help in the long run. Avoiding carbohydrates totally or drastic reduction in the diet are not advisable. Simple steps like cutting down slowly but steadily on your junk diet can always help.

From one pizza a day to one pizza every alternate day to a week can always be a step worth taking. The objective forever remains the same, a wholesome, balanced diet with all your requirements in the right calories.

Carbs and fat need to be included but, in their requirement, based on your age and weight. Calorie calculators can always help in checking your quantity. Protein intake always helps to build up your neuronal circuits and structural proteins in the body.

Healthy snacks

A balanced diet has always been a much-heard topic for all of us. But what is equally important is a healthy snack. It is always an easy task to stretch your hands and grab hold of the chips, munching it all day. But it takes sheer resolve not to let your hands where it wants to.

Instead, you can opt for berries, nuts, fruits, or protein bars to satisfy your taste buds. These not only give solid food for your tummy but also empower your neuronal circuits for some serious business.

It is also equally essential to pre-plan on what you eat. Planning what you would have for your meals in between sessions could always give you a grip on what and how much you eat.


Take it easy

Motivation is always crucial in propelling your goals forward. The law remains unchanged for your diet as well. Giving cheat days for yourself on weekends with your favourite delicacy can always be rewarding.

It is still easy to follow the weekly meal plan when you know the Burger king is on its way this weekend. Also, make sure you give yourself space for failure. As it is human to err, we need to give allowance for failure in following our healthy diet and lifestyle.

But this should follow reconsideration and motivation. The right attitude is always golden in changing your life and your poker career as never before.

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